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  • Jacuzzi @ease System

    @ease Jacuzzi® Sanitizing System

    This system includes a one FROG SmartChlor® cartridge and one FROG Minerals cartridge.

    Compatible with:

    • J-300™ Collection Hot Tubs
    • J-400™ Collection Hot Tubs
    • J-500™ Collection Hot Tubs

    (Requires cartridge holder attachment for your filter. For more information, please contact a sales associate.)

  • Jacuzzi @ease Smartchlor Replacement Cartridges

    @ease Jacuzzi® SmartChlor® 3-Pack

    Replacement SmartChlor™ cartridges for the @ease system designed specifically for Jacuzzi® J-300™, J-400™ and J-500™ hot tubs.

  • @ease Test Strips

    @ease Test Strips

    Test strips to test your hot tub for:

    • SmartChlor level
    • pH level
    • Alkalinity level
    • Total Hardness level

    Please note, these are not compatible with testing for regular granular chlorine (Boost) levels. Those require the AquaChek Test Strips.

  • Amerse Mineral Purifier

    Amerse Mineral Purifier

    Mineral purifier compatible with most hot tub brands.

    (Note: Meant to be used in conjunction with a chlorine or bromine system)

  • AquaChek Test Strips

    AquaChek Test Strips

    Test strips used to check your hot tub water for:

    • Chlorine level
    • pH level
    • Alkalinity level
    • Stabilizer level

    Please note, these are not compatible with the @ease SmartChlor® system. Those require the @ease Test Strips.

  • Boost Granular Chlorine

    Boost (Granular Chlorine)

    Granular chlorine used in hot tubs to kill bacteria.

    Please note, not compatible with the @ease SmartChlor® System.

  • Placeholder

    CLEARRAY® Replacement Bulb

    Replacement bulb for all compatible Jacuzzi Hot Tubs with CLEARRAY system.

  • Filter Cleanse

    Filter Cleanse

    Cleaning agent for hot tub cartridge filters. Meant to help break down build-up to keep your filters working their best.

    Size: 2.5lb

  • Foam Away

    Foam Away

    Used to reduce foaming in hot tubs or swimming pools.

  • Handi-Step Hot Tub Steps
  • J-200 Filter

    J-200™ Collection Filter

    Compatible with most J-200™ Collection hot tubs manufactured after 2005.

    Please note, this filter is not compatible with the J-270 or J-280.

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