About Biodesign Pools

The Biodesign advantage

Many years of research and hundreds of public and private pools built worldwide have given Biodesign the opportunity to develop a technology with low environmental impact, extraordinary waterproofing, and high structural performance (thanks to the patented Biodesign coating).

With a higher resistance to UV rays, ice, and chemicals, they’re guaranteed to last longer than any other pool on the market.

Why Biodesign?

The Biodesign structural coating – consisting of resins specially created for use with quartz sand – has a greater mechanical resistance compared to structural concrete. This difference creates a superior product compared to traditional pool construction methods. The Biodesign coating is subjected to less stress and water pressure because it’s permeable.


Total Customization

Your design is limited only by your imagination

Structural Stability

Designed to remove the weaknesses of traditional pool design by redistributing the weight and improving materials

The Best Swimming Experience

Swimming areas, beaches, seats, and submerged walkways sculpted in natural stone offer a better swimming experience


This certified design and process ensure quality


Nature should be respected as much as it is admired. Our respect for nature goes into every part of our pools

Reduced Installation Time

The ease and simplicity of construction reduces installation time compared to a traditional pool

Installation time

Approximate duration for the installation of a 400-500 square foot pool.
4-6 weeks
Traditional Pool
10-14 days
Biodesign Pool

The Biodesign Patent

  1. Excavation
  2. Protective Geotextile
  3. Waterproofing liner
  4. Consolidation net
  5. Structural coating (first layer)
  6. Intermediate consolidation net
  7. Structural coating (second layer)

Biodesign Pools vs. Traditional Pools

  • Microban antimicrobial technology built into the surface of the Biodesign swimming pool
  • Less expensive to maintain than a typical swimming pool
  • A green/environmentally friendly technology
  • Totally customizable without the premium upcharges
  • Natural look
  • True beach entries
  • Less invasive construction process means less repairs to the yard when the pool is complete
  • Beautiful all year round

Absolutely no limits

The beauty of the Biodesign pool is that there’s no limit to what your pool can offer you. Beach entries, sunledges, hydrotherapy jets, seating areas… it’s all possible, with no premium upcharges!

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