Swim Spas

with PowerPro™ PX Swim Jets
and SteadySwim™ Buoyancy Jet

The high-performance PowerPro® Series swim spas are the result of decades of expertise in moving water, leveraging innovative technology and exercise physiology to deliver an amazing and precise swim ever single time.

The patented PowerPro™ PX Swim Jets deliver the industry’s widest, most reliable and customizable current so you can have a successful swim every single time you train. 

Available in two sizes, the PowerPro® series combines the incredible massage technology of Jacuzzi® with large swim areas for training, entertainment, and family fun.

Train and relax like a pro

Explore our PowerPro® Swim Spas

Jacuzzi J-19 PowerPro Overhead View

J-19 PowerPro™

Starting at $34,999.00
Experience the power of Jacuzzi® Swim Spas in the largest swim spa in the line-up.

J-16 PowerPro™

Starting at $31,999.00
Power and performance in a mid-sized swim spa.

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Explore Our Other Swim Spa Series

PowerActive® Series

Swimming underwater in Jacuzzi PowerActive swim spa

Designed for fitness enthusiasts and families, the PowerActive® Series comes in two sizes to allow for plenty of room for exercise and entertainment.

PowerPlay® Series

The PowerPlay® Series is value-priced for endless fun and entertainment. Exercise, play, and recover with world-class hydromassage.

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