Beach Sculpted Pools

Bring the resort to your own backyard with a fully customizable pool that stays beautiful year-round.

Beach Sculpted Pools

Each of us, at least once in our lifetime, has dreamed of living in a villa with a big backyard and a beautiful swimming pool to enjoy on hot summer days. Too often, however, this becomes a sore point in our dream – ongoing maintenance, lines which are too square, and above all, an aesthetic which is anything but pleasant during the winter season.

Beach Sculpted Pools by Advanced Spas And Pools are the answer to this!

Created with a mixture of natural granulated quartz and non-toxic resin, you can create your own personally-tailored beach experience in your own backyard. From sun-ledges to cuddle coves to connected hot tubs, you can design your beach sculpted pool to fit your every want and desire for your new backyard paradise.

And what's even better is this pool stays beautiful year-round! No more ugly winter covers!

Why get a beach sculpted pool?

Increase Your Home's Value

A marvel of aesthetic that blends perfectly into the landscape of your backyard.

Completely Customizable

The only limit to a beach sculpted pool is your imagination. Build the pool of your dreams, shaped perfectly to your body and your needs.

Beach Sculpted Pool In Winter
Beautiful Year-Round

Avoid the hassles of opening/closing your pool every year. No more winterization, no more ugly winter covers.

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