Jacuzzi® Hot Tubs Brand Quality

Jacuzzi® Hot Tubs are constructed well using engineering innovations and the right materials for a superior product.


ProFusion™ Shell

Three layers of material for a strong, scratch-resistant shell.

ProFinish™ J-400™ and J-300™ Cabinetry

All J-400™ and J-300™ collection hot tubs feature stunning, durable cabinetry with beautiful accent corner lighting.

ProEndure™ J-200™ Cabinetry

All J-200™ Collection cabinets are UV-resistant to withstand weather and stay beautiful longer.

Fit and Finish

Fully Insulated

An air, moisture and sound barrier adding structural integrity to hot tub pipes.

Durable ProPolymer™ Base

The bases of J-300™, J-400™ and J-500™ hot tubs are impervious to nature and moisture and make installation easy.

SmartSeal® Technology

This heat-reflecting layer of insulation is made for the coldest winters.

Tool-Free Cabinetry

J-300™ and J-400™ Collection hot tubs feature high-quality, UV-resistant synthetic cabinetry with incredibly easy access to critical components.

Premium Touches

Jacuzzi® Hot Tubs feature easy-to-adjust two-toned jets, stainless steel details, LED lighting, illuminated waterfalls, and comfort pillows.

Easy Maintenance

Easy-to-access menus, tool-free cabinetry and sophisticated filtration design make maintenance a breeze.

Engineering Innovations

PowerPro™ Jets

Utilizes the Venturi (fluid pressure) effect to create the perfect balance of air and water.

Performance-Engineered Plumbing

Precise pump-to-jet ratio for optimized water pressure in every seat of your hot tub.

Programmable Filtration

Adjust settings based on energy usage reports in your SmartTub™ app.