What is SmartTub™ and why do I need it?

by Brian DeBrosse

Innovations in technology have made our lives easier. We tell Google or Alexa to play our favorite music, add milk to our shopping lists, or turn on our lights. So many aspects of our lives are controlled right from the cellphones we hold in our hands every day. We pay our bills, we shop online, and we read the news from the palm of our hand. Shouldn’t we be able to control our hot tub the same way, too? SmartTub™ is the answer to that question.

What can you do with SmartTub™?

From the easy-to-use SmartTub™ app, you can:

  • Adjust your hot tub’s temperature
  • Turn on/off your hot tub’s jets
  • Turn on/off your hot tub’s LED lighting
  • Monitor energy usage
  • Adjust hot tub settings, such as filtration cycles
  • Receive power outage notifications
  • Receive alerts when your hot tub needs attention

That’s an impressive list of things you can do with SmartTub™. But I’m sure you’re asking yourself the same question – is it useful?

No more waiting around!

To answer that, let me describe a scenario to you. If you have a hot tub currently or you’ve owned one in the past, I’m sure this will sound familiar to you: After a long hard, stressful day at work, you come home with a need to unwind. You put on your swimsuit, grab your towel and your preferred beverage, and head out onto the back patio to get in your hot tub. You lift the cover and your heart sinks – you forgot to turn the temperature up this morning, and you like your water a little hotter than the 93 degrees you currently have it set at. Now you have to wait around for your hot tub to heat up!

Here’s what’s great about SmartTub™ – with this system, you never have to worry about that again. If you have SmartTub™, you can easily pop open the app during your lunch break at work, raise that temperature up to your preferred level, and by the time you get home, your tub is hot and ready for you. No more waiting around!

No more surprises

Now let me describe another scenario to you, one you’ve hopefully never experienced as a hot tub owner, but one we’ve unfortunately seen countless times during our 30 years of selling hot tubs. After a wonderful holiday vacation spending time with family, you come home to the frigid temperatures of winter in Ohio and discover that sometime during your trip, your hot tub – unbeknownst to you – lost power and has frozen. In almost all cases, a full hot tub freezing will cause catastrophic, irreparable damage. You’ll spend thousands repairing your tub, and in most cases, will need to replace the tub entirely.

But with SmartTub™, this will never happen to you! The remote monitoring system will alert you via the app and email immediately when you’ve lost power to your tub, giving you time to get someone out to your home to restore power before any damage can occur. It’ll also alert us at Advanced Spas And Pools any time your tub ever has any service-related issue. This cuts down on service trips/time because our service manager will know exactly what the problem is and can come prepared to fix it as quickly as possible.

One of the countless benefits of a hot tub is the relaxation it provides. SmartTub™ extends that relaxation to the maintenance experience. You can have the peace of mind of knowing that your hot tub is functioning properly even when you’re thousands of miles away, and should any service need arise, we’ll be alerted and prepared to help you fix the issue.

What makes SmartTub™ special?

Along with the laundry list of incredible things that you can do with the SmartTub™ app, there’s one additional feature that really sets this remote monitoring system apart. SmartTub™ is a completely wireless technology supported by a cellular signal. That means it isn’t reliant on any WiFi signal. I’m sure we’ve all experienced the headaches of syncing a device with our home WiFi. Jacuzzi® completely avoids this issue by using a GSM cellular signal (AT&T). There’s no hassle-filled activation process. Just power on your tub, download the app, scan the QR code and you’re good to go!

Note: In nearly 99% of cases, the included internal antennae has been more than strong enough to provide adequate cellular signal to the hot tub. In extreme cases, we are able to provide cellular coverage extenders.

Stay connected

Our lives are becoming more and more connected by technology, making everything from ordering groceries to paying bills easier than ever before. There’s no reason your hot tub ownership experience can’t be just as easy. SmartTub™ makes it possible for you to control everything about your hot tub right from your phone, whether you’re just a few feet from the tub, at the office, or thousands of miles away on vacation. Never worry about your tub losing power while you’re away and never stress about diagnosing an obscure error code ever again.